Guitarin60seconds Data-DVD Set


A Simple 4-Step System with 60 Second Practice Sessions. For Beginners and Beyond! Data-DVDs (for computer use).

Here’s Everything You’ll Get:


Step 1: Open Chords, Chord Groups & Beginning Strumming Mastery
Step 2: Bar Chords, Extended Chords, Special Chords, Right Hand Techniques and Advanced Rhythm Training
Step 3: Chord Progression and Chord Substitution Recipes
Step 4: Scales, Soloing & Improvising…the Holy Grail of Guitar Skills
60 Second Workouts: 1 minute practice sessions to re-enforce each concept & Develop New Skills
Instant Download: Within minutes of purchasing
4 PDF e-Books (600 easy to follow pages)
Play By Ear Bonus e-Book
21 Jam Tracks

You Get the Data-DVDs  in the mail + download  DATA-DVDs: (computer use only)

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Product Description

Step 1: Open Chords – Chord Groups – Beginning Strumming Mastery

This First-Step sets the foundation for everything else you will ever learn on the guitar. Getting this part right is essential to becoming a solid guitar player.12 Basic Chord Shapes

  • 12 Basic Chord Shapes
  • Rhythm and Strumming
  • Chord Connections
  • Chord Groups: The Easy Way to Learn Chords & Songs Fast
  • Understanding the Basic Beat
  • Discovering the Chord Map of a Song
  • Rhythm Basics

Step 2: Bar Chords & Beyond

This Next-Step is where most people quit…You Won’t! Because you have the Best System Available to “Show You The Way” 4 Types of Bar Chords

  • 4 Types of Bar Chords
  • Extended Chords
  • Special Chords
  • Power Chords
  • Right Hand Picking Techniques
  • Rhythm – expanding the basics

Step 3: Chord Progessions

This Step is where you Finally Start to Understand How Music Really Works on the Guitar…You’ll be amazed how simple it all becomes after this Training Module

  • The 4 Primary Chord Progressions
  • 4 Chords to Rule Them All
  • Chord Progession Tool
  • Chord Substitution Wheels & How to Use Them

Step 4: Scales – Soloing & Improvising

Soloing…the Final Frontier – Here You’ll learn how to Play All Scales with Just 5 SHAPES…AND… unravel the Mystery of  MODES (no more confusion garaunteed)

  • The 5 Pentatonic Shapes
  • Pentatonic Master Scale System
  • 4 Chord Markers for Fretboard Navigation
  • Melodic Soloing
  • Modes Made Super Simple
  • Building Better Solos

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