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Is the Guitar Fretboard a Mystery to You? I can help with that…

This program is designed to take any beg/int level player from where you are right now, to where you want to be, as direct as possible.

Every concept is based on solid music theory not some “trick or loophole” so you can be sure you’re doing things right whether you’re brand new to guitar or just getting back into it.

The Lessons are based around 5 Main Goals:


 Goal #1 – Chords & Timing Fundamentals: REVIEW (use as a quick self-test to make sure you have the basics in place)
  • Learn the Basic Beat Strum Pattern (switch chords faster & develop solid rhythm skills)
  • learn to change from chord to chord efficiently (chord connections).
  • learn the 12 Basic Chord Shapes used to play 100′s of songs (open & bar chords)
  • learn how to string chords together and how to recognize these chord groups, by sight (on the neck) and by sound (when you hear them in songs).


Goal #2 – Scale Fundamentals (think you know Pentatonics? there’s more to it than that, a lot more)
  • The 5 Pentatonic Shapes (the Skeleton of ALL other scales)
  • Naming the 5 shapes properly (almost every gtr book/dvd gets this wrong)
  • Connecting the 5 shapes (up & across the neck)
  • The 5 small Pentatonic shapes & fretboard geometry (building blocks of the big Pentatonic Shapes)


Goal #3 – Learn a Simple Neck Navigation System (stay in key, always know what to play next)
  • The master scale system (5,6 & 7 note scales)
  • The DAE system (3 chord markers for locating any scale, anywhere on the neck & in any one of the 12 keys)
  • The major sound
  • The minor sound
  • Major & relative minor explained


Goal #4 – Turn Your Scales Into Solos
  • Motifs/note groupings (building blocks of solo’s)
  • Solo Over Dom7 Chords with 5 & 6 note scales. 
  • Learn these SRV 2-bar blues licks & string them together to form your own blues solos
  • Learn to Solo Over Major and Minor Chords with 5, 6 & 7 note scales
  • Finally Understand the Modes (simplest & only lesson on Modes you’ll ever need)


Goal #5 – Develop Your Picking Technique & Fretboard Visualization Simultaneously
  • Pentatonic sequences across the neck
  • Pentatonic sequences up the neck
  • Pentatonic cycles


Total Value: $189

Now that you know EXACTLY HOW these Blueprints, Systems and Codes will improve the guitar skills you already have, help you get rid of the bad training you’ve received over the years and replace it ALL with what actually works…

You really only have 2 choices:

1. You could continue on as you have and keep getting the same results or
2. You could invest in Guitarin60seconds and Start getting the results you’ve always hoped for but were never able to achieve…

You Get Everything: Videos, Jamtracks and PDF ebooks…

  • View the Videos On Your Computer (download and Data-DVDs)
  • Download Everything to Your Computer to Keep.  
  • Download Access Never Expires.
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